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Optimize your resource management with the College 360 System, with unique models that will give you a significant edge. This is especially important in today’s highly competitive world of academia – where every student counts.

Sales (Potential Applicants and Leads)

Accurately analyze and segment your sales funnel, from awareness and interest, through applications, to actual students and graduates

Student registration and comparisons to previous time periods

Rate of applications by week

Analysis of participation and registration during open days

Active Students

Population analysis according to relevant characteristics

Identifying irregularities through flag defining and cross-checking (such as the pedagogical year and the number of required credits)

Statistical displays and analysis of different fields of the college students

Drilldown options according to academic units

Room Allocation

Identify bottlenecks and optimally allocate students to classrooms, to prevent over or under-population

Conduct optimization and identify anticipated overcrowded parking lots and cafeterias at any given time or day.

Academic Staff

Allocate lecturers – identify tenured lecturers who are not optimally allocated.

Analyze lecturers’ performance and placement according to a range of parameters, including age, position, role, hours, tenure, etc.

Zoom Analysis

Use data analysis to achieve insights about lessons conducted via Zoom:

Lessons that were cancelled.

Lessons that did not begin on time.

Lessons that were shorten than required.

Lessons with less than 10 participants.

Tables and reports at the meeting level, can be exported to Excel.

One-Click Data Management

Spectacular graphics for data analysis and presentation for easy comprehension and navigation, enabling quick review of the data, identifying trends, and understanding the meaning.

Friendly, simple-to-use operations, reaching all data with just a few clicks. Connect to the system from any place or device thanks to our cloud technology.

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