Take your Packing House to the next level with PackApp – the most advanced platform for packing house management.

Identify trends, analyze possibilities, and see the complete picture at just a glance.

Oversee every stage of the packing process, save time and money, improve your work processes, and increase your profits. The PackApp system provides end-to-end solutions, from produce receiving and sorting, through packaging and storage, to inventory management and delivery.

Operate the system with the greatest of ease, with all the agricultural terminology that you know and understand.

Track every stage of the produce, from harvesting to marketing.

Manage and classify the produce according to quality, varieties, weight, and size.

Receive support with complex sorting processes.

Manage inventory and BOM for packing materials and end products in cold rooms.

Create mechanisms for pricing and costs relating to sorting, packaging, marketing, transporting, and cooling.

Build sales and shipping processes for the local market and export, including exchange rates and currency conversion.

Define charges for services provided by growers or delivered to customers based on a range of methods (such as pools or direct sales).

Advanced work environment with one interface!

Anagal Next developed the Packapp system using .NET and the web framework for .NET, with full integration with the Microsoft environment.

Manage your various inventories simply and efficiently using a mobile tool, from receipt of produce to packed crates and pallets.

Build reports with the greatest of ease with the PackApp Report and Data Analysis Module and receive access to data from anywhere anytime via your mobile devices.

Adapt the system to your specific needs!

Flexible tariff methods – fixed monthly payments or purchasing in line with your budget and needs.

Short and cost-effective implementation times (25% less time and money than with other systems)

Option to work with cloud or other local infrastructure.

Mobile module for mobilizing produce in packing house at any stage of the process, via terminals and mobile phones.

Interfaces with systems for managing produce growing and harvesting.

Built-in interfaces with export company databases.

Interfaces with sorting and weighing machines.

Interface with most financial systems and full integration with Priority.

Interface with the Israel Ministry of Agriculture.

BI module for sales / inventory / finance analysis.

Portal for growers that provides ongoing logistical and financial data for farmers and customers.

A management system developed by people who are as familiar with your business as you are!
  • Anagal Next is highly knowledgeable about the world of agriculture in general, and about packing houses in particular.
  • Our professional teams have more than 100 accumulated years of experience.
  • We truly understand your business and have vast experience in providing solutions for complex processes.
  • Professional and courteous Support and Service Center.
From Challenges to Success

Customer stories that made a difference

Pri Metula, established in 1971, provides advanced refrigeration and packaging solutions for agricultural produce, especially fruit. Anagal Next implemented the PackApp system for the customer, an advanced ERP system for managing agricultural produce in packaging houses and among export companies. The app provides the company with advanced management and operational tools, terminals, portal for growers, and control tools – enabling the organization to operate with great efficiency while providing its customers with added value.
Pri Metula Agtech
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