Cyber Security

Your organization must be protected! Cyber attacks are not a question of “if”, but of “when”.

As technology continues to develop and expand, so does the cyber threat landscape.

The world of technology is endlessly evolving, offering a huge range of solutions: SaaS, dispersed IoT components, employees connected from home, agents who work remotely, external interfaces for operational systems, and more.

When integrating new or existing technologies for the benefit of the organization and its mission, the risks entailed in such a process is often overlook. In some cases, it is the implementation of these very solutions that actually expose the company and its most critical data to significant damage and attacks.

As a leading supplier of managed security services, Anagal Next sees itself as an integral part of your organization, providing advanced expertise in the landscape of current threats.

By becoming part of your team, we will continuously assist with tracking your security network, providing CISO services, conducting risk evaluation, and ensuring regulation compliance – as well as performing privacy protection, infiltration examination, and implementing adapted technological solutions.

Our core principles are simple

We aspire to:

Offer leading solutions in the fields of cyber and information security to organizations of all sizes.

Deliver cost-effective and adapted technologies for reducing organizational risk.

Provide expert services for system management and operations.

Our services include:

MSSP services

User verification and identity management systems

EDR solutions

Risk evaluation

Infiltration examination

Regulation compliance and privacy protection

Business Partners

IT Managed Service Provider (MSP)

The best time to start is today

We would be happy to help you effectively implement your data strategy, optimally leverage your data, successfully work with relevant 3rd parties, and efficiently integrate additional advanced technologies such as IoT and Intelligent Automation – to quickly realize business insights.

Anagal Next is here to assist you throughout this journey.