Our DevOp services will make your development processes faster, more reliable, and more efficient.

Build continuous supply work processes and recommended DevOp work procedures, to shorten the production time of new product features and increase the reliability and performance of your IT infrastructure.

While introducing innovations, improved work tools, and new technologies is desirable and often profitable, it also requires great investment in providing your teams with the necessary training and support, as they become familiar with the new solution and acquire new and relevant skills. Let us save you time and energy by doing this for you. Working with our highly experienced teams means having instant access to leading professionals and to ready-made solutions with proven capabilities.

The DevOp team at Anagal Next is extremely familiar with tools and methods for managing cloud infrastructure and is highly skilled in optimizing and operating cloud-based environments.

Anagal Next provides end-to-end DevOp solutions for achieving improved delivery processes, automated deployment, and increased organizational productivity. We help manage DevOps as a service for Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS

Our DevOp solutions for infrastructure automation and deployed automation of databases are very popular.

DevOps tools

Fields of Expertise:

Cloud automation
  • Developing a new cloud solution and rebuilding your architecture.
  • Cloud applications (public cloud and hybrid solutions).
  • Cloud migration.
  • Managing workloads.
  • Controlling versions.
Container Modernization
  • Docker container services.
  • Microservice architectures.
Security and Maintenance
  • Continuous monitoring.
  • Performance optimization.
  • Risk and security evaluation.
  • Data protection.
From Challenges to Success

Customer stories that made a difference

Aspire Global is a leading supplier of iGaming solutions for operators and white labels through a gateway platform. Anagal Next provides the customer with expert services in the fields of cyber, IT infrastructure, and cloud services.
Aspire Global Managed services
Cyber Security
Cloud Services

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We would be happy to help you effectively implement your data strategy, optimally leverage your data, successfully work with relevant 3rd parties, and efficiently integrate additional advanced technologies such as IoT and Intelligent Automation – to quickly realize business insights.

Anagal Next is here to assist you throughout this journey.