Digital Business Strategy

In today’s dynamic, competitive, and fast-paced environment, digital business strategy is no longer just a recommendation for traditional companies who are fighting to stay afloat

Nowadays, implementing an effective digital business strategy is necessary so that organizations can flourish in an era where digital technology has disrupted the market and created new business models

A review conducted by a first-class business school shows that leading companies from all traditional business sectors are losing market share to digitally innovative competitors. Yet these organizations are not always aware of the risks and challenges entailed, or lack the capabilities and knowhow for implementing the most suitable protective measures.

Other organizations, who see how the speed at which digital technology has been disrupting the media industries over the years, realize that they need to be aware of the changes that are taking place in their field – here and now.

Unfortunately, many companies focus on digital aspects rather than on strategic ones. While implementing a range of digital technologies, they often lack direction, coordination, and planning of all the initiatives combined.

Anagal Next: When you need to make a bold move to change your strategic course.

Transformation is shaping tomorrow’s world

We believe that a sustainable business contributes to the world economy and leads to suitable strategies for effectively dealing with a constantly evolving environment.

Whether there is an urgent need to improve your business performance or you wish to reinvent your organization and stay ahead of the competition – in some cases, this can only be achieved by executing a brave and comprehensive transformation.
Anagal Next offers the necessary tools and capabilities for adapting your leadership to your vision, while harnessing the entire organization.

When developing a digital strategy, we focus on three main areas of impact:

Customer experience
Business models
Operational processes

Anagal Next addresses five main areas:

Digital vision

How is the digital affecting your industry?
Which value propositions, operational models, and new business models will the digital enable? Which new rivals will the digital create?

Competitive edge

How is the digital impacting your competitive advantage?
Where are you currently positioned?
How are you doing with landings?

Adapting and prioritizing

Which digital processes and solutions suit your business strategy and capabilities?

Gaps’ analysis

Based on the adaptation and prioritization process, which gaps exist in the capabilities, organization, and systems that are necessary for implementing these opportunities?

Transformation roadmap

What are your schedules, objectives, and meanings for each application and/or process?
Which inputs are needed for the process?
What is your budget for this journey?


The best time to start is today

We would be happy to help you effectively implement your data strategy, optimally leverage your data, successfully work with relevant 3rd parties, and efficiently integrate additional advanced technologies such as IoT and Intelligent Automation – to quickly realize business insights.

Anagal Next is here to assist you throughout this journey.