Take your E-commerce activity to the next level with an inviting and attractive arena.

Developing B2B and B2C systems and websites

The world of E-commerce plays a central role in today’s organizations and businesses, becoming a significant and even necessary part of every business activity. Many B2B companies and traditional industrial organizations recognize the need for creating a digital process, transitioning from B2B to B2B2C.

This is a complex process that requires so much more than just understanding the world of E-commerce.

Our teams have vast experience developing E-commerce commercial systems for global B2C companies. Anagal Next is a leader in the industrial world with vast experience in working with B2B organizations around the world. It is this combination that provides a significant advantage and ability to offer unique solutions for developing E-commerce systems that are especially suited to direct sales to consumers as well as tailor-made solutions for B2B companies.

Our E-commerce services

Technological specifications with leading experts from Israel.

UI/UX with a specialty in the field of E-commerce and the formulating of a precise customer journey.

Leading development team with vast experience in

Skilled Project Management team who is highly familiar with organizational complexity and specializes in leading projects to success.

Integration experts for developing interfaces with operational systems, such as BI, MA, CRM, and ERP.

In addition to E-commerce solutions, Anagal Next provides unique IOT solutions and integrates them with E-commerce systems. We are also highly familiar with telecom technologies and direct-sales solutions and IOT configurations.

We specialize in the following:


Woo-commerce + wordpress


Online marketplace (multivendor marketplaces)

B2B E-commerce systems

Our technological leaders, developers, and designers will help you create great products that are fast, simple, and secure.

With our unique project methodology, each development project is managed in the most professional manner, while examining a range of aspects including research, SEO, and user-focused analysis.

Our functional team structure ensures that all members work in full cooperation, including developers, UX/UI designers, and project managers – throughout all stages of development – ensuring that your product will achieve your business goals while delivering a seamless experience that will make your users return time and again.

These are just some of our advanced technologies:

eCommerce tools
From Challenges to Success

Customer stories that made a difference

The Farmer App for smartphones provides an E-commerce platform where growers and consumers can meet. Since Farmer’s establishment in 2017, Anagal Next has provided a range of services, including project management, R&D, and software.
The Farmer Web&mobile dev
Web & Mobile
Product Design

The best time to start is today

We would be happy to help you effectively implement your data strategy, optimally leverage your data, successfully work with relevant 3rd parties, and efficiently integrate additional advanced technologies such as IoT and Intelligent Automation – to quickly realize business insights.

Anagal Next is here to assist you throughout this journey.