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Build the optimal user experience for your customers!

When your app is the face of your business, it has to be perfect.

Our programmers and designers will help you create an exceptional and exciting product, delivering a faster and more secure solution. This is achieved through fast development processes that utilize the most up-to-date technologies for web-based apps, both front-end and back-end, with user-friendly UX/UI and intuitive work processes for E-commerce, finance, digital marketing, and services.

We serve as the digital development team for a range of startups, entrepreneurs, visionaries, and organizations who seek high quality and creative solutions. The Anagal Next development team will become an integral and compatible part of your team – so that you can launch an accurate and complete product.

A unique project methodology that suits your schedule, budget, and requirements.

Each development project is professionally managed to include research, SEO, and focused user analysis. Our functional team structure ensures that our programmers work closely with your UX/UI designers and product managers at every stage of development – ensuring that the developed product meets your business goals and provides a seamless experience that will make your uses return to the app time and again.

Unique expertise in developing apps for technological companies and startups.

We believe that startups should be able to apply their unique practical idea to a user-friendly and easy-to-use product. Yet, achieving the necessary talent to do so is not always simple.

At Anagal Next we help startups and technological companies realize their technological solution, through both MVP development and long-term projects. Our teams are highly experienced in resolving a wide range of issues that arise throughout the software development process. This enables you to decrease your expenses and the time-to-market of your new product.

Our Services

Developing Mobile Apps

In just one decade, mobile apps have created entire industries – thanks to a huge range of new and exciting possibilities that are now available. Dreams from the past are today’s innovations and products.

Our development teams are at the forefront of technology, enabling organizations to turn their ideas into real and useful products. Our processes are oriented towards achieving fast results, while meeting tight budgets and schedules, ensuring high quality, and providing full transparency.

Web App Development

The Anagal Next development teams have vast experience developing web apps with simple-to-use UX/UI and intuitive work processes in the fields of E-commerce, finance, digital marketing, and service applications. We will make sure that your business succeeds by allocating creative and knowledgeable developers and designers who will build your apps using cutting-edge technology.

25,000,000 users are already enjoying the apps that we developed for our customers, and that’s just one of the reasons why they keep coming back, time and again.

Thanks to our Track Record

Our teams are experts in developing mobile native & cross-platform websites and E-commerce. We have already developed interfaces and integrations between core systems for complex customer-side systems – for more than 100 leading organizations in Israel.

Quality and Security

The apps developed by Anagal Next score 90% for QA on Google and are in full compliance with strict international standards and regulations. We conduct stringent QA testing, to deliver a perfect product.

Professional service and support

Customers receive continuous services from a dedicated and committed team and project manager who provide 360 degrees’ support until the project is successfully completed.

Thanks to our unique envelope of services for startups and technological businesses:
  • We provide startup companies with skilled individuals and teams for developing desktop and mobile apps.
  • Outsource experienced individuals and teams for a range of purposes, including developing algorithms, big data systems, and machine learning.
  • Conduct QA testing while completing the development. And so much more…

Following are just some of our fields of expertise:

Google Firebase
Big Data Tools

Your Advantages with Anagal Next

Elegant, result-driven solutions

We help organizations make educated decisions for optimizing their actions, using internal tools for managing processes and analyzing digital campaign activities. That’s why we implement the Scrum methodology, ensuring the fastest, most precise results.

Quality, precision, and efficiency

We create apps for iOS and Android to ensure your users will receive the right information at the right time – so they can perform the desired actions with the greatest of ease and precision.


Our web-based applications are pre-programmed to deal with your business growth and expansion. We develop solutions that enable the processing of vast quantities of data without shutting down operations.


Mobile apps are all about the user experience. We strive to create experiences that users will seek time and again.


Privacy and security lie at the heart of every successful mobile project. They’re the name of the game.
Using our secured development methodologies, combined with our advanced coding methods, we make sure that your apps are protected from a range of cyber threats.

Automation experts

At Anagal Next, we are experts in developing and delivering complex automated business systems, from product concept to completion.

From Challenges to Success

Customer stories that made a difference

Shamir Optics Industry Ltd. is one of the leading optics companies in the world in the field of development and production of progressive lenses. $142,000,000.
Shamir Web&mobile dev

The best time to start is today

We would be happy to help you effectively implement your data strategy, optimally leverage your data, successfully work with relevant 3rd parties, and efficiently integrate additional advanced technologies such as IoT and Intelligent Automation – to quickly realize business insights.

Anagal Next is here to assist you throughout this journey.