Developing a web-based application and system for controlling and monitoring fields statuses without the use of sensors.

Development of an app and website that conveys field data to the farmers, assisting them is reaching better decisions regarding irrigation and field care.


Mana Irrigation specializes in irrigation intelligence, including a sensor-free software for generating specific irrigation recommendations, without the need for plant or soil sensors.

Project Objectives

Developing an app and website for conveying the relevant data to use user, thereby enhancing their ability to make optimal decisions regarding irrigation and field care.

The Work Process

Step 1
Anagal Next compiled comprehensive system specifications, based on a review of the work that had already been performed and taking responsibility for the remainder of the development process.
Step 2
We reviewed existing and future risks and conveyed recommendations continuing the process.
Step 3
As requested by the client, we took over the project, made the necessary improvements, and added capabilities until it went live.

We implemented the Scrum development methodology, with two-week sprints. The work process was iterative, with each sprint including the following stages:

Sprint planning
  • Collection of requirements
  • Division into user stories
  • Effort assessment
  • Priorities
  • Collection of required materials
  • Daily status meetings
  • Writing the code
  • Writing the code Tests
  • Ongoing integration
  • Regression testing
  • QA for new features
  • Bug fix
  • Release
Version stabilization
  • Acceptance testing
  • Tests that cover a large number of devices
  • Cell tests
  • Bug fix
  • Ongoing support

The project was successfully completed and launched on all stores. We continue to assist the customer and occasionally assist with employee training. The launch included the distribution of a preview version for trial customers and site visits, followed by distribution of the app to all users.

The Shikun & Binui Group
Setting up a unified system for managing regulatory processes with customers who purchased apartments from The Shikun & Binui Group, from the time the apartment is purchased until the buyers receive the front door key.