Defining IT standards for social services in local authorities

Software Requirements Specification (SRS) for the data system that supports work processes in the Department for Social Services in Local Authorities and the interfaces with the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services


The Social Services Departments provide a large range of social services to individuals, families, and communities. Each Local Authority in Israel has a Social Services Department that serves the local residents.

Project Objectives

The Ministry recognized the need to standardize their work processes that are conducted via their computer systems, for sharing and leveraging data and information and enhancing cross-organizational work processes and customer services.
The project was conducted for the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services and 35 Local Authorities across Israel.

The Work Process

As part of the Unique Welfare System Specifications (“Amir”), we defined the features for a standardized data system for supporting computerized work processes that are conducted within the Departments of Social Services (in the Local Authorities) and Ministry interfaces.
We prepared a Procedure and Methodology document for enhancing cooperation between the Ministry and the Departments in the Local Authorities. We also presented tools for examining the various existing systems and their suitability to current and relevant needs.

The implementation process included defining a “dynamic standard” whereby any required change/update is submitted to the Computerization Committee that is comprised of representatives from the Ministry and the Local Government.

To date, the standardization process has been performed for about 80% of the Departments within the Local Authorities, in line with the work processes that were defined at the onset of the project.

Anagal Next is currently conducting additional procedures within the Departments for the benefit of the employees – relating to specific purposes and data transfer procedures, on the road to establishing a comprehensive standardized database.

Israel Airports Authority (IAA)
Leading the specifications and requirements process for selecting the optimal supplier for implementing a SAP ERP system that will be used by about 1,500 people.
Eshkol Galil Mizrahi (Eastern Galilee Cluster)
Preparing a digital masterplan for the Eshkol Authorities and the Group, for promoting the field of digital and presenting the Group as a smart and progressive service provider for its residents.