Leading and implementing ERP systems

Implementing an operational and managerial data system for supporting the organization’s goals and needs for succeeding within the competitive and dynamic market of the Poultry Industry in Israel


The company is a leader in producing and marketing a large range of poultry products, both fresh and frozen. The company operates the entire value chain, from production to sales and distribution, in compliance with strict safety and health standards and regulations.

Project Objectives

Establishing an operational and managerial information system that supports the organization’s goals and needs for dealing with the dynamic market of the poultry industry in Israel. In addition, following Tnuva’s decision to cease all of its distribution operations, Off HaGalil was required to establish an independent distribution network that could deal with the challenges and requirements of the complex field of poultry marketing.

The Work Process

The project began with determining the IT systems strategy, followed by defining all necessary solutions and publishing tenders for subcontractors.
Next, the project was implemented in four stages, as follows:

  • Breeding system

  • Production floor

  • ERP, including maintenance, general procurement, inventory, distribution, finance, pricing, and monitoring

  • Receiving livestock and finalizing accounts with breeders

The main challenge was the organizational dynamics that receives living poultry during the day and distributes packaged products on the eve of that day.

Since Off HaGalil is a long-standing company that has established hundreds of programs and systems over the years – that do not necessarily interface and communicate with one another – a broad move was necessary to set up and coordinate them all onto one central integrative system.

Anagal Next worked within a very tight schedule, launching the new distribution system within just 3 months – following Tnuva’s unilateral decision to cease distribution six months earlier than originally stated.

Anagal Next met the required schedules and provided the customer with a cutting-edge distribution system within just 3 months. As part of the application, we were even able to reduce the intended budget, by focusing on Best Practice in systems in general and in Priority in particular.
The final phase of the project was launched on January 1, 2020. At present, we still provide the customer with service and services for enhancing their BI applications and improving processes.

The Lubinski Group
CRM and ERP integration project based on the Microsoft Dynamics system. The project included applying sales processes, leads management, opportunities, component orders, shipments, and payments
The Of Tov Group
Integrating a Microsoft Dynamics database at the company’s plants. The project included finances, pricing, budgets, inventory, WMS, and maintenance, including the entire production array and an MES system for the production floor.