SAP Project Management

Conducting a complete SAP project, from the Software Requirements Specification (SRS) stage to implementation, launch, and follow up support.


PCB Technologies specializes in the design and production of boards, box building, and PCBA. Their large range of solutions include 1-2 sided boards or more complex boards comprised of multiple materials. With more than 4 decades of experience, the company is renowned for its high-quality bare boards, PCBA, and systems.

Project Objectives

Computerizing all company activities on one comprehensive and integrative system, from orders, through pricing, engineering, logistics and production floor, and QA, to delivery and payment.

The project entailed defining the requirements and work processes, Request for Proposal (RFP), compiling the negotiations’ process, conducting negotiations on behalf of the customer, selecting the technology, and managing the project throughout the implementation process.

Anagal Next studied the suppliers from Israel and overseas, defined and monitored the project budgets and schedules, managed the project execution and teams, oversaw the integration and interface with other systems, conducted the Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) conversion process, wrote test scripts and managed the test processes and QA teams. We also trained and implemented the system in all departments and units across Israel.

The project met its planned budget (tens of millions of ILS) and schedule for the execution stage (6 months). Anagal Next managed the change throughout the project stages. The launch was performed based on the SAP Change Management Methodology. We then also managed and conducted various follow-up projects, including medical and military validation and additional statements of work (SOW).
The project has since been presented at SAP professional conferences as an example of an innovative technological project.

The Of Tov Group
Integrating a Microsoft Dynamics database at the company’s plants. The project included finances, pricing, budgets, inventory, WMS, and maintenance, including the entire production array and an MES system for the production floor.
The G1 Group
Combining the Manpower and Attendance System with Priority ERP and providing a computerized solution for supporting electronic handcuffs for the Israel Prison Services.