Developing an application for controlling the radio box and music player at building sites.

Developing an app for Android and iOS for controlling the radio while reflecting the operations performed on the music player, including the ability to update the system’s hardware remotely.


Stanley Black & Decker develops, manufactures, and markets a large range of tools, equipment, and security solutions for private, professional, and industrial markets around the globe. The company has an annual turnover of more than US$ 14B.

Project Objectives

Developing an Android and iOS app that can be used to control the radio and reflect the actions performed on the music box, including the ability to remotely update the systems’ firmware.

The Work Process

Step 1
Integration with the hardware manufacturer, including defining the communications protocol between the application and the box.
Step 2
Developing a demo system that simulates the device’s activity.
Step 3
Developing and launching an app, first in Europe and later with a version for the United States.
Step 4
Issuing reports regarding analytics and application usage data.

We implemented the Scrum development methodology, with two-week sprints. The work process was iterative, with each iteration (sprint) including:

Planning the sprint
  • Gathering requirements.
  • Dividing into user stories
  • Assessing efforts.
  • Setting priorities.
  • Collecting required materials.
  • Conducting daily status meetings.
  • Writing the code.
  • Running tests.
  • Performing ongoing integration.
  • Performing regression testing.
  • Conducting QA for new features.
  • Fixing bugs.
  • Releasing the version.
Version stabilization
  • Conducting acceptance tests.
  • Performing tests that cover a large number of devices.
  • Conducting cell tests.
  • Fixing bugs.
  • Providing ongoing support.

The launch included distributing of a beta version to experimental customers, followed by the distribution of the boxes to the networks together with the app.

The project was completed with versions in both Europe and the United States. A version for another Stanley subsidiary was also released, with the same product yet with different colors and with a number of additional capabilities. The development has been completed in full and all the apps are in the stores. We continue to provide the customer with product support and deal with requests that may arise from time to time for improving the system.

Shamir Optical Industry
Designing and developing a system for the production floor for issuing reports about faulty lenses and the process progress.