System for managing manpower and computerizing the support of electronic handcuffs.

Combining the Manpower and Attendance System with Priority ERP and providing a computerized solution for supporting electronic handcuffs for the Israel Prison Services.


The G1 Group is comprised of a number of companies who set up and operate security and safety systems. The group employs more than 7,000 employees across the country who provide round-the-clock services.
The project entailed combining the customer’s Manpower and Attendance System with Priority ERP, and developing a computerized support system for electronic handcuffs for the Israel Prison Services.

Project Objectives

  • Managing agreements and employees

  • Analyzing work hours in compliance with labor laws

  • Examining collective agreements and G4S guidelines

  • Managing customer agreements

  • Creating an HR module

  • Developing an interface for the billing system (first for the region, then for Priority)

  • Designing interfaces for the Salaries System

  • Developing a system for remotely reporting hours via the telephone, in line with acceptable procedures in the industry

  • Setting up a CRM system to work compatibly with the systems at the various centers and with interfaces with the Israel Prison Service

The Work Process

  • Supporting and consulting on a highly complex project for managing the entire company via Priority ERP, including a Billing and Charging Module that is able to work with thousands of customers and more than 7,000 employees

  • Mapping, preparing, and submitting an interim report, followed by the customer’s approval

  • Submitting the solution to key decision makers for their approval

  • Building a detailed work process and follow up regarding the project’s implementation

  • Anagal Next quickly embarked on the project within a tight schedule, to learn and define needs, build a work plan, and provide solutions – while dealing with the requirements of the Israel prison Services

This project was exceptional as, according to the requirements of large governmental customers, great interdependency exists between customer charges and employee salaries, which require presenting salary data when requesting payment.

Anagal Next was in charge of promoting the project via specifications, work plans, and user organization. To do so, we supervised the entire process from definitions to successful execution.

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