Defining the requirements and assisting with setting up the data system for Yated, the national program for at-risk young adults.

Defining requirements for the Yated information system, a national program led by JDC Ashalim and the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, and Social Services, which focuses on assisting young people who are vulnerable or are in distress.


JDC (the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) is a renowned Jewish humanitarian organization that operates in dozens of countries around the world to help strengthen communities and individuals. The organization assists Jews who are in danger, provide assistance to vulnerable Jews, helps create a Jewish future, and provides innovative solutions to complex social challenges in Israel. For more than a century, JDC has acted for the benefit of Jewish values, including mutual responsibility, with the aim of promoting Jewish life around the world.

Project Objectives

Defining the requirements for the new Yated Program” information system. This unique national program is led by JDC Ashalim, in cooperation with the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, and Social Services. In 2014, the government defined the Yated program as a national program for developing and establishing an inter-ministry and inter-sector system, for services and supporting infrastructures, working together to enhance the quality of life of young at-risk people.

The program focuses on four main areas:

Education, employment, and skills.
Physical existence, health, and protection.
Welfare and emotional health.
Familial and social affiliation.

The Work Process

To provide the customer with the best solution, Anagal Next performed the following aspects:

  • Conducting interviews and defining the requirements with the client.

  • Building a model and jointly formulating the concept of work.

  • Defining indices and metrics based on the data.

  • Writing and publishing tender documents.

  • Accompanying the supplier selection process.

  • Overseeing the product application.

The project was completed successfully completed, and is currently being expanded to suit additional organization that provide services to young at-risk populations.